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Beauty for Cook-Amazing Korean and Japanse Fusion!

2017/11/14 14:59:25

It’s never occurred to everyone that the combination of Pearl River Bridge Brand and Huy Fong Srirach will bring such a special experience. Recently, under the guidance of Chef Zoe Tsang, 20 fans of Beauty for Cook learn to use Pearl River Bridge Brand Premium Deluxe Light Soy Sauce, Top Grage Oysyer Sauce and Huy Fong Srirach Sweet Chili Sauce to preapre two Korean and Japanese fusions: Fried Rice Cake with Chicken, and Japanese-style beef rice sandwich. Every fan enjoys the moments when the dishes are completed and sharing with others. Eveybody is surprised to find out the the seasonings are quite tasty and yummy.

Fans finish his Japanese dishes under the guidance of Zoe Tsang.

Fans participated get their gift pack, including Pearl River Bridge Brand Premium Deluxe Light Soy Sauce, Top Grade Oyster Sauce and Huy Fong Sriracha Sweet Chili Sauce.

Miss Hu (left) and Miss Gao (right) cook two dishes together. “I sometimes cook at home, but seldom Korean food. The dish taught today is easy and simple, with Sriracha Sauce, the taste is well balanced. And it’s surprised to cook Korean food by using Chinese seasonings.

Mr. Zhang likes to cook at home, she says“I usually cook daily dishes. And this is the first I cook Korean food, both dishes is easy to master, and the sauce is tasty. Quite amazing to cook Korean and Japanese dishes by using daily sauces.”

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